Hi! I'm Rachel. I live in Portland, Oregon, where the rain and the berries are plentiful. I am a busy professional (I do health-related research) and I love to cook and bake in my spare time. I like to make healthy lunches to take to work, tasty treats made with whole grains, and granola bars. Exploring the local produce is a big source of inspiration, and I love to try new ingredients and recipes. I am also a sucker for a good kitchen project, whether learning to cook meat or making candy.

When I'm not working or cooking, I like to walk and hike, lift weights, read science fiction, play with my camera, and listen to music (mostly electronic, classical, and occasionally doom metal).

Have a question, comment or suggestion? Send me an email at rachel.olalliberry@gmail.com

Haystack Rock, on the Oregon Coast

Mt. Hood (as seen from Portland)

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