Thursday, February 3, 2011


It's funny that Atlanta is actually colder and rainier than Portland right now.  I'm traveling for work this week, and I'm having fun trying to eat healthy-ish in airports, meetings, etc. I'll share some of my tips and eats after I get back. For now, I'll share one of my favorite features of my hotel, which is the fitness center, located on the top (19th) floor.

After a long day of flying, it was great to come upstairs and move around. There are also some very nice views from up there. FYI, if any of you get into the hotel business, I would love to see more penthouse fitness centers.

And the view down to the lobby ain't half bad either.

To be honest, I never sleep as well in hotels as I do at home. Hotel beds may be fancy and comfortable, but they're not my bed. Keeping up with my workouts is one way to help me sleep better, especially when a time difference is involved.


  1. I LOVE Atlanta! Make sure to try the Cafe Sunflower restaurants - they are amazing! I'm so jealous you are there!

  2. Ooh, too bad I was there for such a short trip! I will definitely remember your recommendation for next time :)


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