Monday, February 7, 2011

Travel Food

I had a short layover on my trip last week, too short to pick up lunch, so I brought a simple lentil salad to eat on the plane. I packed it in a disposable (recyclable) plastic container so I didn't have to worry about bringing it back with me.

I mixed some green lentils with some of my favorite balsamic-roasted delicata squash and a few toasted walnuts. I was inspired by Laura Jayne to mix tahini with yogurt for a dressing. I also added white wine vinegar and a touch of olive oil. A dollop of extra dressing on top. This was such a nice meal to have on hand during my flight!

Maybe because of all of the crappy weather this week, I was paranoid and brought tons of snacks just in case I got stuck in an airport for a while. I brought almond butter, an apple, a packet of oatmeal, a tiny packet of honey (for the oatmeal!), my water bottle, some chips, and some homemade granola bars (I will be sharing the recipe very soon!). I didn't end up eating half of this stuff but I'm okay with lugging around extra snacks when I travel.

Do you have any favorite travel snacks? 


  1. The little squeeze packs of Justin's Almond Butter are so great for travel- I love 'em!

  2. The other day I picked up a packet of maple flavored almond butter! Definitely saving that one for my next trip :)

  3. You can never be too prepared with snacks! I always over-pack and then undereat - but airports like the Vegas and Phoenix ones have so few options, let alone healthy options, it makes it totally worth it!


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